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One of the most frequent requests of One Pro Painting is in the form of residential Charlotte painting services, both interior and exterior. We use only the finest brand name paint and tools to complete the contract. One Pro Painting also offers one of the most expansive color palettes in the industry to give you the most options possible. Whatever the image or environment you want to have inside or outside of your residential property, One Pro Painting can meet your needs at an affordable price.

Interior Residential Charlotte Painting Services

Interior painting is really all about three variables: (paint coverage) which deals with the look of one coat or the application of two: (protection) which mainly deals with drop cloths or plastic covering important belongings and of course (price).

In short, if there is a way to save you money we will find it. Most companies will favor their co. income over your best option. The key is to give you all available options and if quality will be compromised than you will be fully aware of it.

Frankly, you save money by going with a quality co. from the start. Most companies save you money by simply cheating you out of quality.

Exterior Residential Charlotte Painting Services

Exterior painting represents my passion for this industry. It is absurdity to leave the waterproof aspect of your home to the lowest bidder hired by the builder. You for sure have .99 cent caulking out there now and you are for sure taking on water. Exterior painting truly has many aspects that require true experience and skill.

Pressure cleaning: too much water sprayed where rain can't reach can be very bad. Caulking: if they use cheap caulk or are not skilled correctly in the application than it could be really, really bad.

Carpentry: if they sub out the work or are not fully skilled in that trade than it will be apparent.

Application: if you have four guys than that's the number of different levels of quality compromised. There is always a lead name is Coley, nice to meet you.

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